Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dempsey Custom Builds Jay Don Blake's Drivers

Is it just a coincidence that Jay Don Blake wins 2 PGA Championships after Pat Dempsey custom builds his drivers? His first being the Songo Championship in South Korea (his first win since 1991)
and again this past Sunday Nov. 6 at the Charles Schwabb Championship.

Blake hit 12 of 14 fairways. Needless to say, Jay Don told Pat that no one else will ever build his drivers again - Horsepower Golf rocks!

Pat understands the mechanics of the golf swing and the equipment. Owner of Horsepower Golf, Dempsey is also a PGA tour Rep for UST Mamiya golf shafts (which, by the way, finished #1 driver shaft on the Nationwide Tour)
Because Pat specializes and competes in long drive - he is constantly pushing the limits of both golf mechanics and golf equipment, to the extreme. Recently winning his 3rd ReMax World Long Drive Champion Title, Pat Dempsey knows that it takes that kind of understanding of the body, golf swing and equipment to properly fit a player to custom built driver. Jay Don Blake's switched to a tour issued TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 driver with a UST Mamiya TourSPX VTS shaft - a proven champion driver.

Now that Jay Don Blake has the confidence in his driver, he steps on to the course with assurance that is equipment is fine tuned and that the rest is all up to him.

Jay Don Blake has proven that he is a true champion!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pat Dempsey - 3 Time World Long Drive Champion

What an exciting week at the ReMax World Long Drive Championship in Mesquite , NV.
My favorite player- Pat Dempsey, was the first competitor in the history of the sport to qualify in all 4 divisions - at the age of 55 to boot!

I know first hand the amount of time he put into preparing for this event. For a solid year he has disciplined himself to working out every day, and practicing as much as his job would allow him. It meant a lot of sacrifices in other areas of his life and thank goodness he had/has the support of his family and friends.

He truly is an incredible athlete and a gentleman with great character. I'm not saying this because I am partial - but because I witness it on a daily basis.

It was very exciting to watch Greg Walker and Pat up on the tee together - they are best buddy's and have been helping each other all year long. Of course I was happy that Pat went on to win but had the tables been turned it would have been just as exciting to see Greg go on to win. Bobby Wilson, an incredible long drive competitor and also a 3 time world champion, lost to Pat Dempsey this week 3 times - in the Grand Championship, Super Seniors and the Senior Division. Pat placed 3rd in the Senior division hitting a 448 yard bomb.

I was able to take video of the first 2 competitions - the Grand Champion Division (age 55+) and the Super Senior Division (age 50+). The video's are 8-13 minutes but I believe they capture the feel of the competition. Hope all of you can make it to Mesquite, NV next year to experience the event for yourselves.

ESPN and ESPN2 will broadcast a 90-minute highlights show on December 24 and 25.

On Christmas Eve day, the Long Drive program starts at 1pm eastern on ESPN.
On Christmas Day the show airs on ESPN2 beginning at 12:30pm eastern time.