Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tour Tempo Distance School with Pat Dempsey

Tour Tempo is excited to announce their first Tour Tempo Distance School – Hit Longer Drives with Pat Dempsey. 2002 Senior World Long Drive Champion Pat Dempsey will be teaching along with John Sr. and John Jr.
The focus of the school will be distance. Our main goal is to increase your clubhead speed and then from there, max. out your smash factor. Pat is the PGA/Nationwide Tour Rep for UST Shafts and he will be bringing with him ‘tour issue only’ shafts and heads. As an added bonus to the instruction, we will custom fit you with the ‘tour only’ driver/shaft combo that fits you. If you have other aspects of your game that need help, we will have time set aside both days to look at those specifics.

August 19th & 20th, 2011
Lawrence, KS (fly into MCI)

Arrive around noon on the 19th and leave early on the 21st.
Transportation to/from the airport, Hotel, & food are included in the VIP price.

What you get:

Instruction from the Tour Tempo creators – John Sr. and John Jr.
Instruction from World Long Drive Champion and Tour Rep Pat Dempsey

Tour issue only UST shaft and Taylor Made Burner Head custom fit to you
(I’d put a price on this, but you can’t buy them!)

Flightscope ball launch analysis
Hi-Speed Video analysis
Tour Tempo Analysis
Tour Tempo products – Micro Player, SpeedBall System, Power Tools (Driver & Iron)
Titleist Performance Institute Screening & Workout Program plus Functional Movement Tubing and Training

Cost is $2950
If you have attended one of our schools before, cost is $2450.
We are limiting this school to 6 golfers, so please contact us asap if you’re interested.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Makes a Champion

Here is a post written by a Champion LD competitor Sean Fister I'd like to share with you:

I have been competing for more than two decades and through all the BS, bitching and raging envy, I rarely see something that made me stop and watch in awe of another competitor for any reason.

I was what I thought was the last competitor to leave the Regional 4 competition at Red Tail Golf Club in Decatur, IL and driving out of the parking lot, I glanced over at the practice range and saw a lone competitor picking up the last of the massive trash strewn all over the practice tee that made it look like a small post concert venue consisting of empty beverage bottles and significant trash left by yes...our fellow competitors for the venue that was gracious enough to have our ungrateful competitors basically trash the place. I pulled into the parking lot and he was placing the last pieces of trash into an overflowing trash can and I immediately felt guilty that I had not been doing the same and even more so that it needed to be done in the first place.

It was obvious that he was tired as he slowly bent over picking up those final pieces of trash and neatly stacking them onto the pile on top of the trash can. He wasn't doing it to get credit or to be noticed for being a good guy, everyone was gone...he just did it and it speaks volumes about his character.

I drove away thinking about all of the times I have been embarrassed by less than virtuous actions by many competitors at so many events put on by generous people in the golf communities around the country that after they experience having a group of long drivers at their facility, they vow...never again, stating the false sense of entitlement and lack of respect for others that is rampant in this sport.

In this day and age when corporate dollars are gone, endorsements and appearance fees have dried up for the most part, long drivers think the world owes them respect and in fact demand it whether they have won a world championship or placed 32nd in a local. All because they can hit a golf ball 400 yards. It should be the exact opposite...way opposite! We should be making every effort to accommodate those that provide the very thing we opportunity to showcase our passion.

I was embarrassed at myself for not being right there beside this lone, tired competitor, but it was too late...he already picked everything up. I got schooled. He didn't do it TO school anyone. He just did it. This guy competed for 8 hours in a grueling competition in the heat and humidity and dispatched more than 70 open division competitors advancing to the world championships.

It was 54 year old Pat Dempsey. A former Major League Baseball Player and World Long Drive Champion. He established a mark that may never be broken by qualifying to compete in 4 divisions including the hardest, the open division. How does he cap off his day?

No entitlement, no attention.

He earns respect. He certainly earned mine and makes me want to be better.

Being a member of the LDA Hall of Fame, I get to cast a vote in each LDA Hall of Fame selection and among the criteria for selection is Character. Pat Dempsey is loaded with it.

Sean "The Beast" Fister
3 time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion
LDA Hall of Fame