Friday, June 25, 2010

Utah Championships results of Day 1 Qualifying

Greg Walker's recap of the first day qualifier in Saint George Utah: Notice how well my honey did...let's hope it continues through the end of Saturday. :)

Here are the guys that have advanced to the finals Saturday evening

Pat Dempsey 400 yards
Chad Klien 390 yards
Logan Leavitt 377 yards
John Busby 370 yards
Greg Walker 362 yards
? 361 yards

Seniors 45+
Pat Dempsey 387 yards
Greg Walker 377 yards

Super Seniors 50+
Greg Walker 375 yards
Pat Dempsey 367 yards

Masters 55+
Obie Anderson 350 yards
Mark Rodriguez 337 yards
David Gourno 325 yards
? 309 yards

There were supposed to be more people qualify in the seniors and SS, but nobody would enter after Pat and I hit. Tomorrow trying to qualify is Lynn Ray, Jeremy Montgomery, Ben Tuaone, CJ Morely, and many others.

The conditions were gusty winds in your face all day, and supposed to be the same tomorrow. The grid likes a medium height draw off the right side. Pat is in heaven because he can hit that shot all day. Pat might be the only guy to go 400 yards in the event all week unless the wind stops. If Pat wins all three titles, I wouldn't be surprised.

The tee box today was full for 4 solid hours, but only one hitter at a time.