Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How to Sell and Buy a Home as a Dog Owner

written by Jessica Brody

Some might say that it’s tough to sell and buy a home as a dog owner, but any dog lover knows how untrue that is. Yes, there may be a little extra work, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day. Here is what you need to know when putting your home on the market and shopping around.


When selling a home, it will need to be staged. Pets can make it difficult to keep our homes clean. It just means we have to work a little harder, and that’s okay. A good place to start is repairing any damageto your home. Maybe your dog likes to chew on a particular armchair, or has scuffed up one spot of the flooring near their bed. Whatever it is, make sure it is repaired. You want everything to look immaculate. If you have any carpets or rugs, it’s a good idea to remove them or get them thoroughly cleaned. The average cost to clean carpets in a home is between $116 and $235, so it may be worth getting it professionally done. Your home should smell neutral, so make sure everything that has an odor is swapped out for something new or put away into storage. You want the outside to look nice too, so trim the yard and pick up regularly, especially before an open house.

Hosting Your Open House

The best thing you can do for both your potential buyers and your dog is to ensure your furry friendis absent during any open houses. If you have a friend or family member who can host your pup in the days leading up to a showing, and on the day itself, that may be the best solution. If not, allow your agent to handle the showingitself, and take Spot out for a long walk. Your dog will probably be happier than they would be seeing many strangers traipsing through their territory. Bring their favorite toys and head down to the dog park for a couple hours of fun.

Moving Day

Moving day can be dangerous for a dog. During the chaos, with doors open and gates unlatched, it can be easy for them to slip outside. If possible, keep them with you during the move, as this will actually lower your dog’s stress. However, if things are too chaotic or you don’t have a trustworthy crate, ask a friend or family member to watch them. If your dog isn’t around the chaos, there is less of a chance of escape. If you do keep your dog with you, make certain your movers know where Spot will be, and try to keep your pup in that one area to make things easier on the movers. Make sure that your dog has their favorite toyswith them to give them comfort. This way, they stay out of harm’s way and have limited exposure to chaos.

Shopping Around

When looking for new homes, try to leave your dogbehind. You cannot know if there will be another pet at the house, or if the owner has allergies. If you want to see how your dog reacts to the environment, call ahead of time to see if that’s okay. If you run across an open house while out for a walk, see if a friend or neighbor can watch your dog as you explore. If that is not possible, take your friend home and go back to the open house. Make sure that whatever home you choose is perfect for your dog. Hopefully, you’ll have a fenced yard for your pup to romp in but also be close to dog-friendly amenities such as a good dog park and dog-friendly cafes.

There is no denying that we love our canine companions. We want to ensure their comfort and safety and give them a good home where they have lots of room to play safely. With these tips, you can ensure a happy and healthy Spot during a chaotic time.

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Jessica Brody